Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Xanders "FOB"


Xander's Dad here or as they referred to me in the Nicu "FOB" (Father of Baby). yeah kinda dorky I think.. they didn't call mom "MOB" just mom. Anyway that was just a fun memory of the Nicu. I was informed by my wonderful wife that today is Preemie power day . so I thought I could share some memories and thoughts about our son Xander. As its been well written by Jen (MOB), Xander was born June 23 2009 about 13 weeks ahead of schedule. and that made things exciting for everyone. I was admittedly not very worried. Unlike Jen she was understandably freaked out.but it all when well for the most part Xander was born and he was in good shape, needed a few things to get comfortable with air. after that he requested a heated cubical with 24 hour room service ect, yup he worked that place like a pro. he had everyone at his beck and call. I was to be honest a little jealous. but hey any guy that can just lay around and have a dozen or so woman wait on him like royalty is well totally awesome! Ok so we are making visits to the Nicu every day of the week just to get a little time with our boy. he was really small so small he could wear my wedding band around his arm. yup it was really something to see a baby that small.. and it was cool too. our dude was strong.and he did well in the Nicu. there were good days and bad and only one time did I get Upset. that's when they had some woman on loan from somewhere in the hospital watching him and she just was a total failure for our son.she at one point had his foam cpap pads jammed in his eye and she could not figure out why he was upset. so I fired her and took over, after that we let it be known that any incompetent would be dealt with quickly. and it would not be good. other than that I was cool with our sons time in the Nicu. it can be very sad though cause as many know you see a lot of other little babies and some go home to God early and that's sad and happy at the same time. you know your sad they had to go but your happy they didn't have to suffer any longer and they get go to God's cool house. I didn't think or worry to much as I almost always felt good about Xander and I always thought he would be good to go and I never doubted him. Now Xander is 17 or 14 months old depending on how you look at it. I go with the 14 months cause he was severely short changed on bake time. so he gets extra time to get everything sorted out. some may ask is he "ok" or does he need special care ..nope he is just perfect and he has no problems.. and on top of being perfect, he is smart and strong as can be. he does have a workout routine that the wife calls "baby boot camp" its cute he does like 100 sit ups and 50 push ups and I think he is up to pressing like 25 pounds. its really impressive. I give all the credit to Jen she is a fantastic wife and Mother. also Xander was given looks that make women melt. so he will find out how handy that will be when he gets older. Xander is now very close to walking and that will add so much more fun for us. as with any toddler Xander figures out how to open about everything and he loves to investigate every nook and cranny. and if the cat stays in one place to long he has to fight for his tail.yup it has be a very cool experience having a preemie but at the end of the day he is just our son and I really don't think of him as a preemie. he is just my little Buddie. so for all the preemies out there I think your the example of the "can do" type of people that we can all respect and appreciate. so on this Preemie power day I say let all the Nicu babies be desat/tac and brady free. and all Preemies out in the world have a totally rockin day.


  1. Oh my gosh this is too cute! I don't think I've chuckled so much in a morning read. I really liked reading things from the dad's point of view of their child's NICU stay. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. This is the best, funniest, Dad, oops, FOB, post I have read all day! Thanks for being part of the Fight for Preemies or, as you say Preemie Power Day.